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Unity Church of  Clearwater Valley
1622 15th Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501
Web Page:   www.unityofclearwatervalley.com

Phone: 208 748 6035

Service  11 AM
Unity Church of Clearwater Valley is a member of the 
Unity Ministries Worldwide, affiliated with Unity School of Christianity,
Unity Village MO 64063


Board of Trustees,
  Laurie Clark, President 
Sandra McIntyre, Vice President 
Melissa Holmes, Treasurer 
                                                        Linda McGrale, Secretary                                                                                                                    Heather Meeks, Trustee  
Velda Penney, Alternate  

Board meetings are held on the 2nd Sunday of the month 
and are open to one and all. 
Minutes of the meetings and financial reports are
                                  posted in UCCV’s Fellowship Room on the bulletin board.                                                                                                
                                                              Unity Vision                                             A world powerfully transformed through the growing of shared spiritual awakening. 
 Unity Mission
 Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.    
        If you would like to write an article for the Light or if  you find an issue of interest to put in the light..... 
      Your input is important to us.
                         Please Contact Laurie Clark at:
              laurieclark7800@gmail.com  or  208-746-7014  
                                          Unity  Prayer Team

                              Coordinated by Rev. Carrie Kenyon
                       Prayers may be submitted to Unity email (below)
                            or placed in our prayer box in the sanctuary. 
Prayer requests from the prayer box or email will be prayed over for 30 days then sent to Silent Unity to be prayed over for 30 days.
      October 2023  Speakers
         Our Historic Building has a Needed Repair                      Check out our new gofundme page!   
​https://www.gofundme.com/f/our-historic-building-has-a-needed-repair?               qid=9538c033b775765e128739995ae94ef1
​  Heather Meeks is organizing this fundraiser to benefit Unity Church of Clearwater Valley.
Want to join me in saving our church's home? I'm raising money to benefit Unity Church of Clearwater Valley, and any donation will help make an impact. 
We are a small congregation of mostly seniors that are facing an urgent unexpected roof repair. Your contribution is greatly appreciated & means so much our congregation.                
                     Thank you in advance & Blessings to you...  

 Our Unity congregation is reliant on the effort of our volunteers. They are critical to the survival of our church. We want to express our appreciation to those volunteers who give their time and talent to the running of our Unity church. We also want to express our thanks to our Chair and music people, Nathan and Randi Barnett, our regular speakers Velda Penney, Melissa Holmes and Linda Bentley, Rev. Carrie Kenyon and team leaders who's time and energy is put into our various projects. Thanks to Laurie Clark who creates the news letter, web site, order of service. Special Thanks to the board, Heather and Nathan for getting us through the water issues. Our fellowship team has been providing delicious meals for us. Sandy, Sue, Melissa and all the others who contribute. And special thanks to our Prayer team that keeps us connected to God. 
          Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  
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It is found that unselfish prayers seem to be the most successful. When we use prayer power we realize we do not have to pray for ourselves. We become channels for that Power, and as it flows through us, our needs are automatically answered. The flow of energy and healing clears the channel as it moves through us. 

 When I first began to pray I would simply begin to fervently pray for those on my list. But after some practice I learned that first I had to quiet myself enough to contact my higher self and then Source, before I could bring those I was focusing prayer for, into my center. And after a time of practiced meditation, just before prayer, I realized, that even though none of those prayers were for myself, my life was improving constantly. Becoming more peaceful as I stayed centered longer and longer, listening to Source, praying for those in need. 

  Meditation is of the utmost importance. Starting the day with peaceful centering, finding the higher self, and asking for Divine Guidance, insures that the day will be far more productive. It is critical in these troubled times to find our God Selves and function from that Source center. And it is heartening that meditation and healing groups are springing up, in the last ten years, all over the World. 

 Making a difference in the planets cosmic consciousness it is not the efforts of “organized religion” that are holding the forces of negativity at bay. It is the people who are young Unity and other metaphysical thinkers, that are bringing in the Light. In spite of the fear based and end-times predictions from those who use the tools of the negative side to manipulate, we are coming to a pivotal time.

These present times are the “tear-down times”. Where corruption, greed and destructive powers in high places are being exposed. It may seem frightening to see these things exposed almost daily. We think, “What next!” But the poisons must come to the surface to be purged and healed. That which is no longer useful or necessary is on its way out. Remember that after the wreckers comes the builders.
Every meditation group, large or small, that comes together once a week to meditate and pray, will be used by the God Source to bring in the Light. That raw, endless energy of Love that can transform our planet. 

                                                                                                                           Laurie Clark
                                                          Coming Events 

   Prayer Team Gathering On Friday October 27th 
We will meet at the home of Sue Gladish at 12:30pm.  
Hot soup will be provided by Sue and Rev. Carrie  
We invite everyone else to bring fruit or salad.  
  Looking forward to connecting with everyone.  
Who knows, this close to Halloween, we may even get spooked! 

                               Halloween Party/Game Night Saturday October 28th                          Held at Unity Church at 6:30pm 
Costume Contest
               Bring Finger food and treats!  
Join in the Games and fun! Will be a scary good time


                                                       Chaplain Program            
                                    Laurie Clark  will be offering the Congregation
                                          the  opportunity for individual prayer after 
                                        the service on the last Sunday of the month. 
                                  Prayer requests from the prayer box will be prayed 
                               over for 30 days then sent to Silent Unity to be prayed 
                                                    over for 30 days. 
 October 1, 2023            October 8,2023               October 15, 2023         October 22, 2023        October 29, 2023
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