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Unity Church of  Clearwater Valley
1622 15th Ave, Lewiston, ID 83501
Web Page:   www.unityofclearwatervalley.com

Phone 208 746 7014

Service  11 AM
Unity Church of Clearwater Valley is a member of the 
Unity Ministries Worldwide, affiliated with Unity School of Christianity,
Unity Village MO 64063


Board of Trustees,
 Karen Silva , President 
Laurie Clark, Vice President 
Melissa Holmes, Treasurer 
                                                             Linda Bentley, Secretary                                                                                                                                     Bonnie Lawson, Alternate  

Board meetings are  
 open to one and all. 
March Meeting is on the 18th at 1pm
Minutes of the meetings and financial reports are
                                  posted in UCCV’s Fellowship Room on the bulletin board.                                                                                                
                                                              Unity Vision                                             A world powerfully transformed through the growing of shared spiritual awakening.

    Unity Mission
 Advancing the movement of spiritual awakening and transformation through Unity, a positive path for spiritual living.    
        If you would like to write an article for the Light or if  you find an issue of interest to put in the light, activities or coming events Please contact me.
      Your input is important to us.
                         Please Contact Laurie Clark at:

                     laurieclark7800@gmail.com  or  208-746-7014  
                                   Unity  Prayer Team                       .                                   Coordinated by Rev. Carrie Kenyon & Sue Gladish
   Prayers may be submitted to Unity email (below)
or placed in our prayer box in the sanctuary. 

Prayer requests from the prayer box or email
 will be prayed over for 30 days then sent to Silent Unity to be prayed over for 30 days.
      June 2024 Speakers  
 Our Unity congregation is reliant on the effort of our volunteers. They are critical to the survival of our church. We want to express our appreciation to those volunteers who give their time and talent to the running of our Unity church. We also want to express our thanks to our Chair and music people, Nathan and Randi Barnett, Steve Centers, our regular speakers Karen Silva, Velda Penney, Melissa Holmes and Linda Bentley, Kelly Kenyon, Rev. Carrie Kenyon and team leaders who's time and energy is put into our various projects. Thanks to Laurie Clark who creates the news letter, web site and order of service Power Point. Special Thanks to our board. Our fellowship team has been providing delicious meals for us. Sandy, Sue, Melissa and all the others who contribute. And special thanks to our Prayer team that keeps us connected to our Godselves. 

          Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  
           We all know that we live in a most uncertain world if we have nothing more to believe in than chance. And we eventually learn that, in the history of events, as in the history of every life, there is a chain of cause and effect, and in some transfigured moment we realize that things are always rightly put together on a new plane of spiritual understanding.
Mystics have referred to this phenomenon as the spiritual synthesis of our thoughts, words, and deeds. Many have speculated that reincarnation has played a role in it. Psychoanalysts have called it synchronicity. Others use the terms centroversion, the Omega Point, the fullness of time. Unity calls it Divine Order. And well it might, for the history of Unity’s first fifty years, since it’s inception in 1889, is the history of events in the lives of two particular people: Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Rarely in the records of contemporary religions do we find the evidence and meaning of Divine Order charted as clearly as in a profile of Unity’s past. It is here that we find a first clue to Unity’s success. People who instinctively identified with the Fillmore’s in their quest, recognized a new, adventurous self-discovery in the teachings that became the Unity way, and a new religion was launched in the mainstream of American life. 
Somehow, somewhere, in the Divine Order of the Universe, the Fillmore’s learned to put God and man together in a cooperative adventure, ending a spiritual stand off that had long existed in the teachings of the institutionalized churches. There was an intimacy in Unity that closed the gap, not only between God and the individual, but between heaven and earth and most of all, between universal mind and human mind, as though there were just one mind, God’s mind. 
The many who live in the One represent the One who lives in the many. 


                                                                                                                                                   Laurie Clark
.Affirmation: I am open to a deeper understanding of               .    Spirit within all  people. We are all One

​                                     Coming Events

                           Birthday Sunday: June 2nd  
        Board Meeting:June 19-1pm  
       Prayer Team Gather:June 22nd -11:30am
  Speakers meeting:June 28-11am  
Prayer Sunday:June 30

​          June2                   June 9                    June16                    June 23                    June 30
     Linda Bentley        Karen Silva           Rev. Carrie Kenyon     Velda Penney        Judy Broumley  
    The Way to a       Earth: School of Love     Called to Be          Communication        Grief Recovery   
      Meaningful Life  
               Vision /Mission Meeting: June 15th-9:30am
                                        Help Shape Our Future!
                        Why Vision, Mission, and Core Values Matter:
Our vision, mission, and core values are the foundation of our spiritual community. They guide our actions, inspire our purpose, and define who we are. By participating in their creation, you have the opportunity to help shape the direction and impact of our community.

                  Join Us in Crafting Our Path Forward:
We invite you to bring your voice, insights, and passions to the table. Together, we can create a vision that reflects our collective dreams, a mission that drives our shared purpose, and core values that embody our deepest beliefs. Your involvement is crucial in building a community that truly resonates with and serves all its members.

                     Be a Part of Something Meaningful:
Join us in this collaborative effort to define our future. Your contribution will help ensure that our community thrives and makes a positive difference in the world. Let's create a powerful vision, mission, and set of core values that will guide and inspire us for years to come.
We look forward to your participation and input!
 Rev. Carrie Kenyon

                                      Celebrate Pride Month with Us!
Join us this Pride Month as we honor and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. At Unity, we embrace diversity and inclusivity, affirming that every individual is a unique expression of the Divine. Let's come together in love, respect, and support, recognizing the beauty and strength of our diverse spiritual family.
Through inspirational talks, and heartfelt connections, we celebrate the journey towards equality and acceptance. Everyone is welcome to share in this joyous occasion as we uplift and affirm the divine presence in all.
                                              Happy Pride Month!
June Calendar